shrink wrap

Shrink Wrapping to Protect Your Product From The Environment.

One of the cheapest ways to protect your product in a cost effective way is to shrink wrap it. Shrink wrapping is done by placing the product in a plastic film that when heat is applied to it the film “Shrinks” around the product, creating a tight, firm hold. This protective film can also be considered a security feature as it makes products more tamper proof. With a film tightly wrapped round the product it is more difficult to open the base packaging.

Machines vary in size and complexity, some companies will even shrink wrap your boat!

A typical scenario is the requirement to shrink wrap 6 bottles of a product (jugs etc) on to a cardboard tray.

Manufacturers, produce product in bulk and need to get there product to wholesale / distributors in an organised and efficient way. When the wholesalers then sell them on to their clients, they need to be in manageable numbers and packs that protect, display and promote the product.

So the manufacturer will supply the contract packer with bulk product, which they will place on the cardboard trays on a conveyor belt system. At the end of the conveyor belt they will slide on top of a roll of the special film

Shrink wrapping the product (as per the example shown) will make the product more sturdy for delivery and transportation. Typically, products are placed in high quantities on pallets, so they need to be in a form that has the capability to be stacked. The packaging strength and the product strength will determine the amount of product which can be stacked / placed on top of it. Once the pallet has been stacked with the permitted amount of product, the pallet is generally wrapped with a cling film, to stop product falling off when the pallet is being moved or transported (with a fork lift truck for example).

The film is stretched when it is warm, so that when it cools, the film contracts and forms a very tight fit to the product.

Shrink wrapping can be in the form of a tube, or it can be a single sheet that is wrapped around the product, either manually or mechanically.

Moorheys, based in Greater Manchester in the UK, have almost 20 years experience of Shrink Wrapping products for their long list of blue chip household name clients. The customers are spread across the UK, including all major cities, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, etc…

Shrink Wrapping is just one of the many services provided by the Contract Packing company, Moorheys Ltd. They also do other Contract Packing services such as Flow Wrapping, and VFFS (Vertical Form Fill and Seal).