Shrink Wrapping Solutions

With automatic and manual shrink wrapping machines we are able to accommodate many shapes and sizes in large or small volumes

Shrink-wrapping is probably the most inexpensive and popular forms of packaging. Using Shrink-wrap helps protect the product from dust and dirt. It is regularly used to create multi-packs. Distribution packs can also created using the shrink wrapping solutions. The process involves enclosing the products in a film and then exposing that film to heat. This shrinks the film onto the product.

Shrink wrap is one of the most inexpensive and versatile types of packaging available. It can give your products a professional finish and extra protection. We only use high quality shrink films to ensure our clients receive the best results possible.

The Benefits of L Sealing

  • Enhances the look of the package
  • Maintains product quality
  • Protects from dust and dirt
  • Tamper evident/resistant

Examples of L Sealing application:

  • Poster wrapping
  • Hair care product bundling
  • Buy one get one free promotions
  • CD wrapping (singles or bundles)
  • Stationary
  • Books
  • Beauty products
  • Software bundles/product
  • Confectionery (chocolate boxes)