Mini Flow Wrap – Mini Flow Wrapping

Flow Wrapping is a packaging process that over wraps a product within a thin film. This film can be clear, opaque or printed in up to 10 colours. Moorheys Contract Packing specialists performs our flow wrapping operation on six types of flow wrappers

Mini Flow wrapping – Encapsulating small size products in clear or printed film

Flow wrapping offers non shrink, high clarity, sealed packaging in printed, unprinted or opaque materials.

Items that you can flow-wrap include: direct mail, brochures , sweets, biscuits, and confectionery.

The horizontal flow wrappers can produce 50,000 items per daily shift. We can apply euro-slots for hanging packs.

Flow wrapping and shrink wrapping are the most cost effective solution for customers requiring packaging for special or promotional items from display to multi- packs. Moorheys CONTRACT Packing can produce packs from clear film, printed paper/film, which can be either film or foil laminated.

Film can be designed and produced using customer artwork and specifications.

We can mini-flow-wrap an individual sweet to meet current hygiene requirements.

We can flow-wrap an individual sweet to meet current hygiene requirements.