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Website terms and conditions

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Packing Companies

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UK Contract Packers

Moorheys are among the largest Contract Packers in the UK.

Have clients right across the UK, from Cornwall to Cheap Jordan Shoes Scotland.

We are centrally based in Manchester, UK close to the motorway network.

As a long and well established co-packing company based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, UK, player)]. Moorheys Limited offer a full range of comprehensive co packing services to suit customer requirements. We’ve completed contract packing work for various blue chip companies, which amongst other things have included shrink wrapping, flow wrapping, Wholesale Jerseys over wrapping, bagging, vertical form fill & seal, clip strips, down-sizing, up-sizing, repackaging, labelling and relabelling.

Moorheys Limited also does handworking, product modifications including over labelling (re-labelling) and have worked in seasonal and promotional work. We <a href="" Cheap Jordans Sale target=”_blank”>Oakleys sunglasses Outlet can source and advise Cheap NFL Jerseys on any ray ban sunglasses sale additional Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses packaging, film and labelling requirements that customers may require. As an additional service we are update?wtf able to provide secure warehousing at competitive rates (availability depending on warehouse status).

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