Pet Treat Bagging

Pet Treat Bagging

Pet Treat Bagging

Here at Moorheys we have many bluechip clients that request our Pet Treat Bagging service.

There are many millions of pet owners in the UK that enjoy the pleasure of giving their pets treats.

Our contract packing experience and modern equipment means we can offer highly cost effective methods of co-packing your pet food products.

The usual option is to go for the VFFS (Verticle Form Fill and Seal) as this is a high speed option, which means low cost per bag.

The VFFS is controlled by automatic competer controlled weigh heads, which ensure the exact weight is placed in each bag.



Contract Packing Halloween Party Packs

In Contract Packing terms, Halloween is once more, just around the spooky, gift bag, fancy dress, corner.

Whether it be sweets, cakes, gifts, then we are able to compliment your manufacturing process and movement through the supply chain towards to buyer/end user.

We are, you could say, Specialist Halloween Contract Packers, as we have been performing this for many years. So, if you need help with clips strips, shelf wobblers, FSDU’s (Free Standing Display Units), POSD (Point of Sale Displays), Flow Wrapping, Over Wrapping, VFFS (Vertical Form Fill and Seal), then quick us a call and we will surely beable to help.

0161 624 7219


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We are CONTRACT PACKING specialists.

​You can request a quote here or call us on 0161 624 7219

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We are CONTRACT PACKING specialists.

​You can request a quote here or call us on 0161 624 7219